Solution Focused Brief Therapy

qimono / Pixabay

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a short term direct form of therapy that primarily focuses on current problems and behaviors. Other forms of therapy tend to incorporate past behaviors, problems, feelings and experiences in order to provide insight before addressing your current situation. SFBT helps you to identify new solutions to current problems and brings in solutions that have worked in the past. This is a short term therapy model that requires active participation in therapy and outside of therapy in order to reach it’s full potential. In this model, you and the therapist work collaboratively on a given problem and work through a problem solving model to identify the solution that works best for your needs.


Each therapist at Burbank Therapeutic Centers practice and can incorporate Solution Focused Brief Therapy in their sessions. Please call us at 818.208.1833 or email at for more information or to schedule an appointment/free consultation.