Burbank Therapeutic Centers was founded on two fundamental premises: 1.Therapy should be specifically designed for the person seeking help and 2. The therapist and client should have similar styles in order for therapy to work. Each client who contacts BTC ls provided a free telephone consult where we take the time to understand you and the problem to ensure we are able to help. This saves you from unnecessary sessions by allowing us to schedule you with the therapist that fits your needs and to individualize the therapy due to the advanced knowledge we would have in their particular problem area.



Our highly skilled and compassionate therapists have extensive experience in the treatment of a variety problems that may be affecting you or your loved ones. We make sure to match you with a therapist that meets your unique needs and utilizes treatments that are found to be most effective for you. We are not general practitioners. Each of our therapists works only in the specific areas in which they have been trained in and have the most experience. We want to make sure that we are the only therapist you will need rather than the traditional trial and error approach. 



We utilize effective psychotherapies in the following specialty areas:

What we treat

*Grief and Loss/bereavement
*Integration of Therapy with Religion or 

*Life Transitions and the Aging Process
*Men’s Issues
*Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
*Panic Attacks
*Problems related to Work and Education/School
*Trauma related reactions
*Women’s Issues


Please contact for more information about our variety of mental health services and company training’s or community presentations, including stress management, motivation, organization skills. If you would like more information about any of our services, please contact us.